Tool Holder Exchange is an affiliate of Superior Machine & Tool, Inc. that offers buy, sell, trade services for a wide-array of CNC machine tooling and accessories. We have years of experience in this biz and supply our customers with firm solutions when it comes to recycling carbide, scrapping machine tools, getting rid of old/used/damaged tool scraps, buying new CNC machine tools and even trading un-needed tooling out for big savings on new inventory.

Tool Holder Exchange: Our Mission

Our services are significantly comprehensive and our forthright aim is to provide you superior service, along with unprecedented value in comparison to all of our competitors.

Tool Holder Exchange: What Makes Us Better Than Our Competitors

There are many facets of how we run our business that makes us a leader in this industry…

  • Tool Holder Exchange has a tool buy-back/exchange program for large lots of unwanted and/or no longer needed tooling and inventory.
  • We  provide our value-conscious customers, surplus/used inventory.
  • We offer to compete and beat any quote they have for new products.
  • We have a customer support network that is miles ahead of anyone else’s in the industry.
  • Our customers receive direct support from an individual rep and have 24/7 access to them as a resource.
  • We compile lists and quotes from multiple different vendors and sources to alleviate the hassle of the busy machinist/purchaser/shop owner having to source multiple products from multiple vendors, which is very time-consuming.
  • Our customer base gets up to 30% more cash for tungsten, carbide tool scrap.
  • We have a vast inventory of all the major brands of machine tool suppliers.
  • The list of  types, styles, and brands of tool scraps we accept is one of the largest in the industry.

Tool Holder Exchange: Contact Us & Let’s Do Business