Tool Holder Exchange is an affiliate of Superior Machine & Tool, Inc. We offer multiple options for buying, selling, and trading a wide array of CNC machine tooling and accessories. Years of experience in this industry allows us to provide our customers with innovative solutions for recycling carbide, scrapping machine tools, buying new CNC machine tools, or even trading in unwanted tooling for big savings on new inventory.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with superior customer service, comprehensive tooling programs, and significant product value in comparison to our competitors in every area.

Leading the Industry

At Tool Holder Exchange, we pride ourselves on running a multi-faceted business that analyzes customers’ needs, provides unique solutions, and pushes us to the front as leaders in this industry.

  • Tool Holder Exchange has a tool buy-back/exchange program for large orders of unwanted tooling and inventory.
  • Our value-conscious customers are provided with a large inventory of surplus/used tooling.
  • We compete to beat any competitor’s offer on new products.
  • Our exceptional customer service provides personalized support from a live representative and 24/7 access to our services.
  • We alleviate your time-consuming hassle of sourcing multiple products from varying vendors by compiling lists and quotes of our competitors to present you with the best prices and solutions to your individual needs.
  • Our customer base receives up to 30% more cash for tungsten/carbide tool scrap.
  • Our vast inventory of all major machine tool suppliers and brands far surpasses our competitors.
  • The list of types, styles, and brands of tool scraps we accept is one of the largest in the industry.

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