28 12, 2017

CNC Cutting Tools: All You Need To Know

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Introduction to CNC Cutting Tools In the modern manufacturing world, Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machines are widely used. CNC machines are computer-controlled, high-precision tools designed to make accurate movements in a repeated pattern. During the 1940s and 50s, CNC cutting tools were introduced in the industrial world. These high-precision machines were used for various machining operations. [...]

13 12, 2017


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  NMTB (National Machine Tool Builders Association) tool holders, also known as Quick-Change comes in different sizes and they're mainly single flanged tool holders. The taper size is shown by the number: NMTB 25, NMTB 30, NMTB 35, NMTB 40, NMTB 45, NMTB 50, NMTB 55, and NMTB 60. The smallest tool holder (NMTB 25) [...]

7 12, 2017

How Shrink Fit Tooling Works

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Shrink Fit tooling has been the leading choice for any high-speed machining operations. Although some argue that Collect Toolholder are better options, the reality still remains - Shrink Fit tool holders are the best tooling technology for high accuracy and top speed machining. Shrink Fit Tooling Machine With amazing features such as outstanding [...]