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Carbide Recycling is one of the most efficient ways to save the environment and to improve your overhead wastes and loss costs.

It is essentially the best means of tool scrap asset recovery for the betterment of your business financially & overall.

There is an infinite source of carbide recyclables and every company such as Tool Holder Exchange that partakes in the process of recycling carbide cutters & inserts, is doing the ideal thing for consumers & companies in the industry of carbide machine tools and the future health of our planet.

Carbide Recycling: Getting Started

There are hundreds of companies that buy, sell, trade tungsten, carbide tooling and that recycles them by the most efficient means. Carbide Recycling programs vary from service company to service company, so you must be careful who you choose to do business with!

Tool Holder Exchange has a proven track record of recycling carbide and we provide our customers with a wide variety of options to buy, sell, trade tool holders. We are a reliable company that pays YOU top dollar for used carbide inserts, end mills, drills, and other types of tooling.

The prices of carbide tooling is ever rising, and recycling carbide is an effective way to help you to off-set the high costs that come along with purchasing new, high-quality carbide tools.

Go Green, Clean With Carbide Recycling!

You may not be aware that China is the world’s largest supplying resource of tungsten (tungsten being the main component of carbide.) This often leads America with some limitations within China’s monopolization of tungsten. Along with the inconsistent nature of China’s economic stature, and with our world’s environment at stake here, it is only logical that we as Americans do the right thing here. And… carbide recycling is the most appropriate thing we take it upon ourselves to do.

Tool Holder Exchange Carbide Recycling Services

Tool Holder Exchange is a premium carbide recycler that utilizes ties we have with the name big brands in carbide manufacturing to an immense cost advantage that benefits all consumer carbide tool businesses & companies that opt for our services and vast options in carbide trade & the purchasing and selling of carbide machine tools.

You can reap the domino-effect benefits from our connections and expertise. We save you significant cost while assuring your capital investments & inventory expenses.

Maximize the value of your scrap by selling, trading, and enabling us to recycle it for you at Tool Holder Exchange:

  • Most Money & Value for Carbide
  • Cost-Efficient For Investments in New, Old, Used, and Outdated Carbide Machine Tools & Materials
  • Friendly to the Environment Practice

Types of Scrap Carbide Tool Holder Exchange Recycles

Tool Holder Exchange purchases “soft scrap” & “hard scrap.”

What is soft scrap? Soft scrap includes powder scrap, grade powder, unsintered and presintered carbide parts, grindings, turnings, and (dry or wet) grinding sludge.

What is hard scrap? Hard scrap includes solid carbide machine tool scrap, attritor mill amd bad mill media, blanks, grit, nozzles, saw tips, drill bits, wear parts, carbide end mills, and carbide drills, and more.

We evaluate the percentage of tungsten, current carbide recycling prices- and aim to provide you with the largest profit on purchasing & buying tool holders and trading them out for other carbide parts we have in stock.

If you have tungsten carbide scrap to recycle, call us at 1-888-908-9511 or contact us with the form below!

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