Looking to trade your tool holders? Tool Holder Exchange created an exclusive trade program that allows you to trade out new, used, or old tool holder scraps for other tool holder parts and accessories that you may need.

We trade tool holders of a wide variety of brands and makes, such as collet, endmill, milling arbors, taps, drills, HSK tools, BT tools, CAT tool holders, lathe tools, Kennametal tooling, NMTB 30-40-50 tooling, and more.

Trade out your new, used, or damaged carbide tooling and save more money when restocking your supply from our arsenal of machine tooling parts and accessories, new or used.

Why Trade Tool Holders With Us?

We have one of the most comprehensive trade-in programs in the industry, and we stand by our commitment to excellence in multiple ways.

Inventory Quantity
We accept more parts, accessories, tool types, tool brands than our competitors to give you the highest trade-in value for your inventory. In turn, this allows us to supply you with the most options for trading out the tool holders you don’t want for those you do.

Inventory Quality
Additionally, Tool Holder Exchange sells tool holders of premiere quality and performance and has a vast inventory of different machine tooling to choose from. No quantity is too big for us to buy or trade, and if you cannot find what you are looking for, we will either find it for you or issue a credit to use towards any future purchase. We deal in all brands of tool holders including Command, Parlec, Kennametal, and more

Customer Service
Our experienced staff can help point you in the right direction as to which tools are best suited for your needs. We tailor our services to get you the best trade-in value for your carbide tool scrap and streamline the process to reduce the time and undue costs of recycling your unwanted tooling. We pride ourselves on helping customers significantly decrease the financial losses that occur in the machine tooling industry.

Consider us your #1 tool asset recovery and recycling service solution!

Do you have unwanted tool holders taking up space in your warehouse? You can sell your tool holders to us or trade-in the tool holders that you don’t need for tool holders that you do.

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Technical support is provided through our experienced sales representatives. We aim to help our customers find the best solutions for their specific machine, purpose, and application needs. Contact us with your questions or inventory details below, and we’ll guide you through the process.