Introduction to NMTB Tool Holders

NMTB tool holders (National Machine Tool Builders Association), another name for “Quick-Change”, come in different sizes and they’re mainly single-flanged. You can tell the taper size from their number: NMTB 25, NMTB 30, NMTB 35, NMTB 40, NMTB 45, NMTB 50, NMTB 55, and NMTB 60. The smallest tool holder (NMTB 25) normally goes on small machines, while the largest (NMTB 60) goes on larger ones. NMTB tool holders is a national association that focuses on building machine tooling systems such as the NMTB shank and spindle and other tooling systems.

Unlike other tooling systems, NMTB tool holders have a drawer. As single-flanged tool holders, there are two keyways that go onto a simple flange. Although NMTB tool holders are relatively old, they still fit into modern machining systems. Numerous manufacturers make these tool holders, making it difficult to have uniform dimensions for all NMTB tools.

In most cases, the flange thickness, diameter, and length from the taper’s gage line do not determine the dimensions of the NMTB tools. NMTB tool holders are manufactured in such a way that most of their tooling system is compatible with other tooling systems, like Erickson Quick Change Spindle.

Aside from that one, other brands are also compatible with NMTB tooling system. In most cases, users are advised to find out more about the tool before making a decision. NMTB tool holders can fit into other tooling systems of the same dimension by simply changing out the lug bars. For instance, users can do tool-changing operations by fitting NMBT 30 into Cat 30 or BT 30.                                        

NMBT Face Tool Holders

NMTB TOOLING imageThese holders are designed with an Arbor Screw Key and four mounting holes.

Some of its specifications are:

 Gage length of 2.25 inches. Flange diameter of 4 7/8 inches.  • Four mounting holes.   • A bolt size of four inches.

More NMBT face tool holders are available and the specifications are dependent on the user’s choice.

NMBT Shank

These tooling systems have drive keys and arbor screw. They can fit into Erickson Quick-Change holders and their main use is as adaptors.

The sizes and dimension of these shanks vary, making them suitable for various machining operations. NMTB tooling is mainly for high-speed machining operations and high-precision tolerance. End-users will find them useful as they’ll be able to complete their projects with high accuracy. One fascinating feature of NMTB tooling technology is in its compatibility with other quick change spindles:

NMTB Compatibility with other Quick Change Spindles

NMTB tooling systems are highly compatible with other tooling machines. But the thing is that each tool holder has to have an appropriate and corresponding quick change spindle of the same dimension. That is, NMTB 30 can fit into Cat 30 and BT 30 tool holders. NMTB 40 and NMTB 50 will fit into Cat 40 and Cat 50 respectively.

In the original NMTB shank design, a drawbar pulls up the shank into the spindle. As we said, there are different manufacturers of these tooling systems and the flange diameter, thickness, and the distance of its taper’s gage line to the flange’s outward face do not determine its dimensions. The Erickson Quick-Change spindle by Erickson Tool was designed to be compatible with NMTB tool holders. Erickson Quick Change’s design is such that you do not use the drawbacks. Instead, you use quarter turn lockouts to fit the tool taper into the spindle.

For this tooling setup to work, the tool flange’s outer face comes out of the projection, or “lips”, at the nut. In some cases, the NMTB tool holders don’t work with Erickson Quick-Change spindle due to the distance between the flange’s outer face and the taper gage line. This gage distance is large, making it difficult for the projection or “lips” of the quick change to fit into the flange’s face. Other issues occur when the flange diameter on some NMTB holders is too small and unable to fit into the mouth of the spindle.

Overcoming these issues involves a thorough examination of the NMTB tool holders and spindles. This is to ensure that the specifications by the manufacturers match. Generally, the Erickson Spindles works well with NMTB tool holders. Other brands that work well include Collis, Valenite, and Kennametal holders.

What Next?

Performing high-speed machining operations requires great precision and accuracy. Ultimately, you’ll need a tool holder that’s for the modern day world but is also compatible with other quick change spindles. NMTB holders offer great value for users aiming to complete their projects with near-PERFECT precision and accuracy. These amazing tool holders are manufactured with top notch designs and come in diverse sizes. Are you searching for tool holders for your professional or DIY projects? NMBT tool holders are there to serve your needs.