Tool Holder Exchange deals with some of the best CNC tool holder brands in the market for cutting tools, tool holders, CNC machine parts/accessories, lathe machine drills, end mills, and other various types and makes of carbide machinery tools.

These brands are renowned for producing the utmost quality, durability, and performance in a myriad of machine tool categories. They are the best at what they manufacture and have unprecedented success in making, distributing, and selling the best machinery tool products in the industry worldwide.


These types of CNC machine tooling and tool holder brand products include:

  • Shrink Fit Tooling
  • Custom / Special Tool Holders
  • CAT Tool Holders: CAT 40 Adapters, CAT 50 Adapters
  • Extended, Intermediate, Standard lengths
  • BT Tool Holders: BT 30, 35, 40, 50
  • HSK Tool Holders: HSK 63A, 63C, 63E, 100A, 100C
  • HSK Precision Test Bars
  • Collet Chuck Adapters
  • End Mill Adapters
  • Shell Mill Holders
  • NMTB Tool Holders
  • Collets
  • Tapping Systems
  • Induction Units

CNC Tool Holder Brands


Driven by customers’ challenges, Sandvik became one of the world’s best CNC tool holder brands by making industrial processes more safe, efficient, and profitable. They are one of the world’s #1 manufacturers of tooling systems and cutting tools.

They have an extraordinary industry-leading track record in the optimization of customers’ machining operations & with the manufacturing of the tools that make them priceless. Their expertise focuses on cutting technologies, machining operations (drilling, milling, and turning), digital machining, and tool holder technologies.


Kennametal is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of engineered components, advanced materials, and cutting tools. They manufacture and sell cutting-edge, carbide-based tools. With 70+ years in the industry, their products exceed the basic standard in machining tools, tool holders, and other CNC and lathe machine operations.

They are also one of the most proclaimed manufacturer and tool holder brands of carbide machines and machinery tools while being known for strongly advocating for carbide recycling.


ISCAR is one of the tool holder brands we do not recognize as having impacted our lives, but their precision tooling technology has improved the quality of modern life in countless ways. Everything about the innovation and influence in cutting tool technology has been affected by ISCAR’s revolutionary approach to design, technology, and material use in some way.

ISCAR’s new line of cutting tools such as SELF-GRIP, CUT-GRIP, DO-GRIP, and HELIGRIP provide superior precision metal removal techniques and cost-time efficiencies in production facilities around the world. These innovations have made ISCAR the world leader in tool and insert design as well as one of the largest precision tool suppliers in the world.


Walter, Walter Titex, Walter Prototyp, Walter Valenite, and Walter Multiply are united under one company umbrella. With a product range of around 49,000 catalog tools for milling, drilling, turning, and threading, Walter/ Valenite is a tool holder brand that is a complete service provider for the metalworking industry.

They are specialists working to develop integrated processing solutions for machining. For this, their comprehensive expertise in the automotive sector, the aerospace industry, energy, rail transport, and general mechanical engineering sets them above much of the competition in the industry.

Mitsubishi Materials

Often renowned and recognized for their contribution to the world of digital media and technology, Mitsubishi is also a superior tool manufacturer. They offer state-of-the-art technologies and products in the carbide tool industry. They also aim to help consumers to discover customized solutions to make their jobs easier with over-the-top performance. Mitsubishi technology combines quality with innovation to create and develop high-performance cutting tools, carbide machinery, and more.


Sumitomo Electric started R&D on cemented carbide in 1927 and succeeded in developing carbide die for drawing wires and launched the carbide tool business the following year. Ever since, they have helped increase productivity, and reduce machining costs. They did this by developing new materials (including CBN), various coating grades, and cutting tools of innovative designs and functions.

Sumitomo Electric Carbide Inc. specializes in milling, turning, drilling, threading, grooving, and boring. They produce a wide variety of indexable inserts and solid tools in carbide, cermet, silicon nitride, CBN (Sumiboron), and PCD (Sumidia).  Their principal mission consists of offering patrons productivity gains in order to lower their manufacturing costs.


Kyocera started in 1975 and is one of the leading manufacturers of cutting tools in the world today. Based on the concept of improving and advancing performance, productivity, and efficiency in the industry, Kyocera manufactures and sells industrial cutting tools . They have developed an array of Carbide cutting tools with innovative technology for milling, turning, and holemaking CNC operations. They also manufacture indexable and micro-tool products for the aerospace, medical, automotive, energy, and medical industries. Kyocera supplies finished products and components for almost all areas of industrial production.


Tungaloy is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of carbide cutting tools, friction materials, wear-resistant items, and civil engineering products. Headquartered in Japan, this brand provides products to customers all over the world. They supply to a range of industries including, automobile, construction, aerospace, medical, power generation, infrastructure, and heavy industries.

Continuous improvement of production technologies, combined with large investments in research and development, allows them to offer high-quality products that help manufacturing companies in a wide variety of industries increase their productivity. Tungaloy offers an extensive line-up of turning, milling, and drilling products with various grades, dimensions, and chipbreakers. Tooling systems are also available to fully support the machining needs of customers in a wide variety of industries.


Korloy is a huge manufacturing company with offices scattered throughout Korea. They are a premier, manufacturing corporation that exports its products to 80+ countries worldwide.

Their knowledgeable staff and cutting-edge manufacturing facilities have enabled them to manufacture and develop some of the world’s best milling, drilling, and turning cutting tools. They continually set the bar higher with the latest and greatest innovations in the manufacturing of machining tools.


Metaldur is one of the best tool holder brands to produce high-precision tools designed mainly for machining aluminum. The company’s personnel are specialists in the design and manufacturing of specially tailored inserts for turning and grooving. Most of Metladur’s production is sold to the automotive industries for various applications.

OSG Cutting Tools

The company’s modern manufacturing facility is centrally located in Villaz-St-Pierre. This location provides the European markets with prompt delivery of special and standard cutting inserts to meet their unique needs. OSG USA, INC. is located in Irving, TX, and it is a subsidiary of OSG Corporation. Founded in 1938, OSG Corporation is a publicly held company headquartered in Toyokawa, Japan.

OSG is a leading manufacturer of taps, end mills, drills, and indexable cutting tools. Their extensive line of high technology cutting tools features exclusive metallurgy, cutting geometries, and proprietary surface treatments. These features help increase productivity, reliability, and tool life. OSG also serves the fastener industry by offering a complete line of thread rolling, flat, cylindrical, planetary, rack and trim dies.

The above-mentioned machine cutting tools & accessories for CNC machines and lathes are manufactured and produced all over the world by the following most recognized, leading brands of tungsten, carbide machine tools.