Otherwise known as Kennametal Quick Change Tooling, KM Tooling is popular with industry professionals and offers high-quality machining while lowering the machine’s downtime.

When completing any CNC machinery task, you will have to change, set up, and gage the tools, thus creating extensive machine downtime. However, you can convert this wasted time into increased productivity by using KM tooling as it offers an impressive Quick Change system.

KM tooling is designed with a simple mechanism involving a lock rod and ball track so a high clamping force is generated from a minimal amount of input force.

This is a universal design that allows a faster tool change. Apart from the Quick Change technology, KM tool holders have other features that improve the utility of your machine.

Exceptional Cutting Tools

KM tooling is designed to fit a wide variety of spindles, including manual, VDI, KM-LOC II, automatic, and rotating spindles. KM tooling is extremely rigid and reliable. This is provided by a strong metal-to-metal locking device, which is not only very sturdy but also reduces the vibration between components.

This increases the lifetime of all components as well. The coupling design enables a high degree of accuracy and repeatability and protects the mechanism in case of a crash. KM tool holders are ideal for high-speed spindles, both in terms of productivity and rotation speed.

KM tool holders come in different families and sizes. You must be aware of your needs to make the right choice. The official website of the Kennametal Quick Change Systems provides an extensive manual where you can find all the technical information on each model of a tool holder and a selection guide.

Store your tools in a safe place where they will not suffer any mechanical or chemical damage and they will serve a long productive life!

The Kennametal (VM) Shank

The Valenite VM shank is the same as the Kennametal KM shank.

KM tool holders have simultaneous taper and face contact. The Clamping mechanism utilizes two angled holes in the taper shank of the KM unit. The lock rod is wedge-shaped and locking balls are forced radially outward by it.










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 Why KM Tooling?

Multitasking and mill-turn centers were once considered high-end specialty machines, found only in shops with the financial resources and production volumes needed to justify such an investment. However, turning centers with live tool stations are becoming increasingly popular with machine shops of all sizes. These machines offer the ability to machine parts cost-effectively in a single operation.

With capability comes complexity, however, and the need to maximize the output of such a machine tool investment through reduced setup time is constant. Kennametal Inc. (Latrobe, PA) has been meeting these needs for decades with state-of-the-art cutting tools, KM tooling, and tool holder solutions, such as Kennametal Modular (KM™) quick-change tooling. They have also recently announced a substantial expansion of that offering, one that promises to make driven tool setup faster and more accurate.

Bottom Line

It’s easy to see why Kennametal is one of the leading manufacturers of cutting tools in the world. They are one of the most recognized tooling brands that are carried in every machine shop in the country. They are known for precision, durability, and excellent performance. Their innovations continue to make the lives of machinists easier with each new innovation and breakthrough they develop.

If you are looking for a specific tool and are interested in using one of the many KM tooling types, we are certain that one of our experts can help you to find exactly what you are looking for. Please contact us to find out more and to allow us to help you with your tool holder needs.

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