The Main Benefits of Carbide Tools

The carbide tooling industry is booming! The demand cannot even be met in a timely manner by the distribution, development, and creation of new carbide cutting tools. As this demand continually increases, suppliers of cutting tools are working diligently to handle the heavy load of developing more innovative and high-performance cutting tool products to meet such a overwhelming demand.

One of the main sources of cutting tools in this society is that of tungsten, carbide tools- which are mainly moneoplized overseas in China. It has been a long process to weed out the best from the useless when it comes to cutting tools, but in the end – it boils down to high performance, cutting- edge, quality tools that make the grade!

In the industry of machining, there are 2 main-stay types of tools that make the grade: CARBIDE based tool for cutting and high-speed tooling (HSS) for cutting. However, most recently it appears that Carbide tools have monopolized the industry as the most popular of the two.

So if statistics and popularity say anything, what is the most benefits of carbide tools that people are choosing over HSS tooling?  Taking into consideration the vast new popularity and consensus that carbide tooling is the bomb – we are certain that the benefits of carbide vs. HSS are far better. But let’s take a lookey to really see….

What is Carbide?

Carbide is an essential element (chemical compound in substance) that is often combined with another natural element on the chain such as boron, silicon, metal,  or steel. In this grouping of a combination of solid elements and carbide, these are the most prominent:

– Calcium Carbide
– Aluminum Carbide
– Silicon Carbide
– Tungsten Carbide
– Iron Carbide

The Benefits of Carbide Tools:

  • Tools made of Carbide are cheap and effective in comparison to other types of HSS tooling options. They are durable at most and also can endure high-temperatures, turning at a very high-speed – this type of exposure wears other types of tooling metals down.
  • Carbide-based tool holders and machine tools consist of a large durability that enable them to have a longer shelf-life as they retain their cutting tool edges.
  • Carbide tooling allows you to acquire better performance when it comes to finish and surface-finish quality.
  • Carbide tools run lower in cost than other types of tools. They are very durable and are resilient to cracking.
  • Carbide tools are of the best quality, and when it comes to costs they are the most inexpensive for quality toolholder types and makes that you can purchase. For the longevity and shelf life of carbide tooling it is ultra cost effective to not need to purchase tools every so often.

There are tons of benefits to carbide tools, and that is one of the main reasons why they are the most popular of the  metals used for the manufactyring of toolholders. They are cost-effective, durable, and their diverse nature makes them more than pricesless to mechanics who use CNC and lathe machine sin the industry!