Introduction to Shrink Fit Tooling

Shrink fit tooling is the leading choice for any high-speed machining operations. Although some argue that Collect Toolholder are better options, the reality still remainsL Shrink Fit tool holders are the best tooling technology for high accuracy and top speed machining.

Shrink Fit Tooling Machine

With amazing features, such as outstanding grip power, excellent balance, and good indicator reading, shrink fit tooling will help you get more work done in less time.
Using the shrink fit tool holder will create a positive impact on your work as you’ll get high precision in all your projects, increase the lifespan of your tool and spindle, reduce the tool change time, and lower the cost of tool maintenance.
In fact, shrink fit tooling enables you to create, build, and design customizable holders for all applications. The flexibility and high accuracy of this tooling system are phenomenal.
In this article, we’ll unravel the working formula of shrink fit tooling systems.

How Shrink Fit Tooling Works

Shrink fit tooling technology utilizes heat-shrinking to clamp cutting tool shank in high-speed machining. This quick-change tool holding process in high-speed machining in highly efficient and it saves production time for the user.
This process is simple as the shank cutter tool is inserted into the shrink fit tool holder. The interior diameter of the shrink fit tool holder is a little smaller than the diameter of the shank cutting tool.

Working Mechanism

This interior bore of the tool holder expands with heat. As the bore grows to a sufficient size, the tool cutter automatically slides into the bore. At this point, cooling begins and the bore shrinks, exerting uniform pressure (about 10,000 lbs of force) on the surface of the cutting tool shank. This results in a tremendous gripping strength on the whole surface of the tool shank.


The reverse process happens when you remove the tool. Shrink fit tooling technology makes it possible to accomplish tool changes within seconds, which in turn improves productivity during high-speed machining.
Manufacturers find shrink fit tooling systems useful as they’re able to do more work by reducing the time they spend on changing tools. End-users, on the other hand, can utilize this amazing technology to greatly increase their productivity.

Heating Systems in Shrink Fit Tooling Technology

The three heating systems in shrink fit tooling technology are: open flame, induction heating, and hot air.

Induction heating makes use of high-frequency current that flows through a metal coil. Here, you insert the tool holder into the metal coil and a high-frequency eddy current heats it up as the temperature greatly increases.

How Shrink Fit Tooling Works image of tools

People usually install infrared temperature sensors to monitor the tool holder’s temperature. This serves as a safety measure for the proper control of the tool holder’s temperature and regulating the current in the metal coil. Induction heating is the best heating system available in the market.
Like induction heating, open flame and hot air systems function by heating the surface of the tool holder. The difference lies in the degree to which heat goes to the holder.
Unlike induction heating, hot air and open flame heat the holder more slowly, leading to little temperature variations between the tool cutter and holder. These heating systems are relatively less expensive and more economical than induction heating ones.
The cooling system in shrink fit tooling systems could be air or liquid filled coolants. These two cooling systems typically function through a 20k to 50k shrink/unshrink cycles.

Shrink fit tooling systems’ features include:


The concentricity of the shrink fit tool is outstanding, as it is below three microns. You’re guaranteed 0.00012″ (3 microns) run-out at three times the diameter of the cutting tool. With this high concentricity, the tool cutter and holder function like a single piece. This high level of accuracy is repeatable for all operators.


In the absence of moving parts, shrink fit holders offer the best balance repeatability of all tool holding systems available. Shrink fit holders come with the highest accuracy and balance standards. Special designs are also available at a tolerance level of G 1.0 at 30,000 RPM. This provides higher feed rates, speeds, balanced chip loads, and better finishes.


The cutting tool has 360 degrees grip on multiple planes around the shank. This results in an extremely high gripping torque that prevents any irregular movement of the cutting tool during roughing or finishing operations. This, in turn, results in the reduction of scrapped pieces.

Tool life Extension

Shrink fit tooling technology extends tool life by over 100%. Their concentricity, gripping force, and balance help you increase productivity and ultimately extend tool life by a wide margin.
Do you want a long lasting tool? Shrink fit tooling technology is the best for your needs.

Extremely High-Speed Operation

Shrink fit tooling is the go-to for any high-speed machining operations. Their clamping force along with their superior system makes them the best choice for any high-speed machining operations.
Unlike mill and hydraulic chucks, shrink fit tooling offers extraordinary concentricity, making it outperform other brands in the market.

Benefits of Shrink Fit Tooling Technology

1. Superb accuracy.
2. High gripping torque.
3. Extension outlets that offer you diverse options with standard products.
4. Reduction in tool-changing time. This, in turn, leads to greater productivity.
5. Setup cleanliness, leading to cleaner bores and less contamination. This is because shrink fit tooling is a sealed system.
6. Outstanding coolant options, which both aid in cooling and in delivering fine finishing.
7. Cost reduction. The cost of tool changing is far lower if you use shrink fit tooling systems.
8. Availability. Shrink fit tooling systems are readily available and having one of them guarantees quick tool changing and greater productivity.


Although other tool holders are available in the market, shrink fit tooling makes it easier to change tools at a very fast pace, reducing tool changing time and increasing productivity.
As the most economical tool system, shrink fit tooling increases tool life, reduces cost, and ultimately helps manufacturers and end-users get more work done.
As a plant manager, shop owner, or manufacturer, shrink fit tooling will be the best investment you’ll make, guaranteeing you a boost in productivity.