A CNC user must be familiar with the makeup of the CNC machine tool being applied. Despite the fact that this may sound like a straightforward declaration, a CNC user must be able to observe the machine from two dissimilar viewpoints.

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Many kinds of CNC machines are envisioned as a way to enhance or replace what is currently being done with more conservative machines. The principal goal of any CNC learner should be to understand the basic machining exercise that goes into using CNC machine tools.

vThe more the starter CNC user knows about basic machining application, the easier it will be to regulate CNC machines.


Think of it as this technique. If you know basic machining application as it relates to the CNC machine you will be occupied with, you must also know what it is you want the machine to do. It will be a reasonably simple matter of information to tell the CNC machine what it is you want it to do (knowledge program). This is why technicians are usually the best CNC programmers, experts, and setup personnel. Mechanics already know what it is the engine will be doing. It will be a simple matter of transferring what they already know to the CNC machine.

For example, a novice to CNC turning centers should comprehend the basic machining practice related to turning operations like lump-filled and finish turning, rough and finish boring, grooving, threading, and necking.

In the meantime, this kind of CNC machine can perform many operations in a single program (for instance many CNC machines can), the learner must also know the fundamentals of how to process work fragments machined by rotation, so an arrangement of machining operations can be advanced for work-pieces to be machined.

Another point cannot be overlooked. Demanding to learn about a particular CNC machine without understanding the rudimentary machining exercise related to the machine would be like trying to learn how to fly an aircraft without understanding aerodynamics and aeronautics.

Just as a novice pilot will be in for a great number of dilemmas without understanding aerodynamics, so will the beginner CNC user have trouble learning how to correctly use CNC equipment without an understanding of basic machining workout.

So always know what you are dealing with first.